QG Prison Pickaxes

Make the boring prison life simpler with these pickaxes. 

These items have special enchants and needs to be manually done in game. Please DM Wolve#9984 or [not both] Live#3919 on Discord with proof of purchase or screenshot the announcement message in game, to receive these items. 


Disk Pickaxe

9.00 EUR View

Instabreak Pickaxe

8.00 EUR View

Tile Pickaxe

13.00 EUR View

AutoSmelt Pickaxe

16.00 EUR View

Excavation Pickaxe

17.00 EUR View

Sphered Pickaxe

20.00 EUR View

Explosive Pickaxe

25.00 EUR View

Netherite OG Pickaxe

15.00 EUR View

Netherite Warden Pickaxe

20.00 EUR View

Netherite Boss Pickaxe

25.00 EUR View