City Collection

◘ All the tools in this City Collection works with the Jobs.

◘ They are only for CityLife and they won't be soulbound or transferred.

◘ All the items in this Collection is unbreakable, so you do not need Unbreaking and Mending.

◘ All these items are custom and you will need to contact Wolve#9984 on Discord to receive them.

Adelaide Axe

Heidelberg Hoe

Sarajevo Shovel

Gouda Pickaxe

Dubrovnik Sword

Cape Town Trident

Berat Bow

Kolkata Crossbow

Dubai Fishing Rod

Norwich Elytra

Kilkenny Chestplate

Chicago Helmet

Amasya Leggings

Maribor Boots

Quebec Shears

QG Extreme Chest