Welcome to our Donation Store!


Quantum Galaxies is a fun Minecraft server that you can play on with your friends.
Your donations help to support hardware upgrades, map expansions, website costs, new game mode set up costs and many other improvements!

Donations also give you great perks and cosmetics in game. We also give back to the community by doing give-aways and rewards.

May I refund my purchase?
Any purchases made on this store are under a strict no-refund policy. In an event of attempts to bypass our refund policy via filling a dispute with PayPal and/or your credit card company, your access to the network and possibly anything related will be revoked. Ranks are not transferable. Being a donor does not grant you immunity from disciplinary actions on the server, such as a ban. In the event of such, a refund will not be provided to you.

When you "purchase" an item, cosmetics, a permission or rank, it is considered a donation towards maintenance/growth of the server. 
If the Founder/Dev team decides to remove a gamemode, or if the server dies for whatever reason, but you have received whatever you paid for (donated), you cannot chargeback or expect a refund. 

We promise to be as fair as possible in all our dealings and never make a donator feel scammed, but know that gamemodes come and go and servers do die sometimes. Your donations on one gamemode cannot be transferred to another.  

Thank you for considering donating to the server.

Donations may take up to 5-30 minutes to complete.
Please make sure that you are logged into the server and have enough inventory space before purchasing a package!

Quantum Galaxies isn't affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB.
Support E-Mail: quantumgalaxies.mc@gmail.com

Support Discord: Wolve#9984 

We are not responsible for any issues arising from customers not reading the Terms & Conditions before check out.